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Donations are always welcome.

Please send cheques etc. to our Treasurer:

Andrew Houston

11 Swan Close, Orpington, BR5 2NA 

Why not become a Patron?

Click the link below to discover more

and download  the application form

Receipt acknowledgement of Donations & Ticket Sales


  • All donations of over £50 (either one offs or towards Patronage/Grand Patronage) will be acknowledged.

  • Subscription for Life Membership of the A of F will be acknowledged.

  • Spring and Christmas Fair Ticket purchases (if £50 or less) will not be acknowledged unless an e-mail address or SAE is attached.

  • Donations from a Lodge or Chapter’s Relief Chests Scheme will always be acknowledged.

(If possible, an e-mail to the Treasurer informing us of the future delivery of a cheque, direct from the Relief Chest Scheme, would enable us to save postage and printing costs when sending the receipt.  The Relief Chest Scheme only attaches the mailing address.)

In all cases an email address or SAE would assist in the sending of receipts

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